Data Collection Privacy Policy

This policy applies if we collected your information in person. It does not apply to the use of our website.

What personal information do you collect?

We collect your:

Full name, Email, Date of Birth, Telephone Number, Expected Year of Joining, Level of Study and Other Courses preference.

How and why you collect it?

We collect this data using supervised secure tablets in person. This is the minimal amount of data our clients require in order to contact you about your interest in studying with them.

How you use it?

We pass your details on to our client at the correct time for your Expected Year of Joining. On occasion, we may contact you on their behalf or they may nominate a 3rd party to do that. However, you will only ever be contacted in relation to your desire to study with our client.

How long do you keep it?

We keep your information until we have passed it to our client. This will be the October on your expected year of joining plus one.

How do you secure it?

We use ZOHO Forms to collect your information. This provides a secure, password protected platform. Whenever your information is sent to anyone it is encrypted.

Are there any third parties with access to it?

We share your information with our client and they may, in turn, share your information with 3rd parties. For details of how our client will use your information please see their website.

How users can control any aspect of this

As a user, you can instruct us to delete your information by emailing us at