Itineraries for your staff


We know how time consuming it can be to set up visits when you or your academic teams are visiting India and how difficult it can be to build intelligence on India’s vast array of schools and universities.  

We take care of everything

When you hire us to build an itinerary on your behalf, we take care of everything – local transport, targeting the institutions, arranging the meetings, planning the route and supplying a member of staff to attend the visits with your academics to make sure that everything runs smoothly, that student data is collected and that reports are written on the visits. 

How it works

We’ll send you a target list of institutions tailored to your specific needs, along with justifications for why we’ve chosen those places. Once you’ve signed off the list of institutions, you’ll receive a live itinerary so that you can track our progress. 

Itineraries have set objectives and can include partnerships meetings, workshops, visiting lectures, information sessions, or a combination.

Costs are as follows (quoted per day containing 2-3 visits):
  • Student facing visiting lectures or workshops –billed at 2 ‘visits’ per day (approx. £240 per day)
  • Staff meetings only – billed at 1.5 ‘visits’ per day (approx. £180 per day)
  • Comfortable car with driver and wifi - £50 per day

For an explanation of our billing model, see here. Prices quotes are based on a 60 visits package

What we do